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Hideo Kojima

The 2020 Vidya Gaem Awards
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Most Hated Award
for Most Hated Game of the Year
"I'm sorry Arthas, I can't watch you do this."
Warcraft III: Reforged
Blizzard Entertainment, Lemon Sky Studios
No Gamestop should be carrying this.
Dlala Studios, Rare
Don't care, still refunding.
Cyberpunk 2077
CD Projekt, CD Projekt RED
It feels two dimensional.
Paper Mario: The Origami King
Intelligent Systems/Nintendo
Game fucking sucks but not going to lie, I'm a sucker for the aesthetics.
Counterplay Games, Gearbox Software
This sequel turned away so many fans, that even the last of us part, too.
The Last of Us Part II
Naughty Dog, Sony Interactive Entertainment
"Don't ask questions, just consume product and then get excited for the next product."
Marvel's Avengers
Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal
Gacha by the balls, bitch.
Genshin Impact
Nomura. I think I'll stop there.
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Square Enix Business Division 1
'ate ubisoft. 'ate 'ackin. 'ate bri'ish clichés. 'ate pointless mechanics. love me missus. simple as.
Watch Dogs: Legion
Ubisoft Toronto
Ironic that a game called 'Valhalla' makes you wish you were in Niflheim.
Assassin's Creed Valhalla
Ubisoft Montréal
September, 2020... I am forgotten...
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The Awards

Most Hated Award for Most Hated Game of the Year Least Worst Award for Least Worst Game of the Year IP Twist Award for best new implementation of an old franchise Blue Checkmark Award for Most Pointless Controversy DK Award Returns for best soundtrack "Hello, Fellow Posters" Award for most blatantly promoted video game product Plot and Backstory Award for best representation of women The Van Darkholme Award for best representation of men AESTHETICS Award for best visual aesthetics ASSTHETICS Award for worst visual aesthetics Seal of Quality Award for biggest technical blunder New Challenger Award for best new IP Fahrenheit 2020 Award for best writing Pottery Award for worst writing Guilty Pleasure Award for the game I like but /v/ hates Hyperbole Award for Best Trailer Kamige Award for Best Eroge Jackie Chan Award for Best Character Scrappy Doo Award for Worst Character Audiophile Award for best technical sound design The Little Game that Could Award for best game that nobody played PIXELS ARE 8RT for most pretentious indie game Haptic Feedback Award for best gameplay Press X To Win The Award for worst gameplay /vr/ Award for Best Video Game of 1990 /v2k/ Award for best video game of 2000 Humble Award Bundle for best video game of 2010 Redemption Arc Award for biggest redemption in gaming Hate Machine Award for crimes against gaming Awardgate for worst fanbase Smug Pessimist Award for most disappointing game Electric Boogaloo Award for worst sequel !votemap Award for best map/level/arena in a video game Fall From Grace Award for most fucked up franchise Ocarina of All Time Award for best vidya music composer of all time Home and Hearth Award for most relaxing video game Carmack's Cat Award for best video game pet/animal companion of all time Please Be Good Award for most anticipated game of 2021 and beyond Balkanization Award for worst /v/ satellite board

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