The 2020 Vidya Gaem Awards
Production Team

Project managed by db

Produced by Lamer Gamer

Directed by Counter

Website by Clamburger & Lamer Gamer

Developer outreach handled by Anonymous, beatstar, John C. & MalZenith

ARG created by Anonymous, Cee, Clamburger, Donny Q, Lamer Gamer, Pomathan & Theu

Video Team

Art and Graphics by beatstar, Cee & MalZenith

Video production and editing by Anonymous, beatstar, Counter, db, Segab, shuttah & toad

Writing Team

Writing by Anonymous, beatstar, Cee, db, Donny Q, Dr. J, ErogeAutist, Gravetracer, Happymartin, Hg80, Importuno, Kurushi, Lamer Gamer, MalZenith & SonicIsDragonball

Audio Team

Voiced by Anonymous, Counter, Donny Q, Duke, Jimmy Threecocks, John C., Karl Jobst, Lungfish, Phaseroll, Pomathan & StephanosRex

Preshow music by beat_shobon, fv.exe, jab50yen, nostalgia junkie, Phaseroll & W.T. Snacks

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Skits and Bumpers

Another Shenmue Video – NeatoBurrito
Cyberjunk 2077 – rare
joker song – Anonymous
Smash's first black fighter – WelfareWalrus
Super Stadia Bros – most
The "Stunning and Brave" Award – Hoffmann
We Love YiiK – littlefunnyman

0x40 vgas – Hoffmann
Altar of Kings – PeanutBufferFun
Apologize – Shuttah
Astronaut – Anonymous
Contrails – Anonymous
Fuck Remasters – Dr. J
LETS ALL LOVE /v/ga – RedMarz
Pogchamp1 – Shuttah
Pogchamp2 – Shuttah
seizure inducing mograph – Bonzi/Someguy
Tinfoil – Anonymous
VGA is Illuminati – xXPU$$YSLAY0R69Xx
Wash away the anger – WelfareWalrus
You Can't Skip The Cutscene – Anonymous

/agdg/ Trailers

Brutal Rain: Angels Of Retaliation by Nuclear Barrage Productions
Dungeons of Rhamdon II by Ithiro Sumi
Good Night, Knight by KnightDev
Marmoreal by Marmo
Soporo: Wonderland In Ruin by Team Essell
Super Dream Dasher by Puddleside
Tiny Talos by

Special Thanks


And most importantly, you!

>they contribute to a shitty online video game award show

>they take their jobs very seriously

>they do it for free